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1. Rollling On The Floor Laughing Until I Die.

-This is to be said to someone who is doing something extremely funny ONLY or said something extremely funny ONLY.
- "Man I was ROTFLUID'ing."
#lol #lolz #lmao #lmfao #lolcopters #l0l
by CrunkMonk3y January 02, 2012
1. This is the shit that remains in the toilet bowl after it as been mal-flushed. It is not a plesant sight for the next person.
- "Ew! There are some Toilet Crums!"
#poop #shit #toilet #bowl #pooping #puke
by CrunkMonk3y January 02, 2012
1. This is what I call the people who use Youtube to post videos of themselves looking at the camera confessing their opions for certain maters. Normally these Youtubers are young adults or teenagers. Frankly they have nothing better to do with their time so they resort to making videos wineing and complaining about the world.

2. They are trying to make a name for themselves by trying to get a Youtube audience. In their mind this will make them famous for being on the inter-web
CrunkMonk3y: "You know those kids on Youtube to cry and wine about social issues or themselves?...Yeah well i call them You-cry'n'wine-tubers"
#youtube #fat ugly girls #ugly girls #girls #gays #fags #complaining #wine
by CrunkMonk3y January 16, 2012
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