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An emotionally cruel and vicious "game" played by conspiring adolescent males which targets an unsophisticated, unsuspecting co-male (often one that exhibits gay tendencies). The conspiring males convince the target to participate in a "circle jerk" ("...ya, we've all done it before, it's fun ...") see related definitions. The game is played in the dark. The first to ejaculate wins. The conspiring boys make appropriate sounds by dragging their finger nails down their flys, pulling/flapping their cheeks, etc. Of course, the target always comes first and "wins." The light is flicked-on. Laughter & mayhem follows.
Q: "Did you hear about Ted last night? Jack and and his freinds got him in a circle jerk!" A: "Ted?... I always knew he was a 'circle jerk.'"
by cruelshoe November 19, 2005
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