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This is the ridiculously overbearing slack jawed self-righteous ignorance one sees from people thinking that appearing on a TV show such as Jerry Springer or Ricki Lake would be prestigious. This type of mindset is also responsible for leading this particular form of stupidity into the belief that food stamps are actually real money.
People afflicted with welfare pride often use words such as "biotch!", "nigga!", often followed by phrases such as "Back da fuck up!", "Iy kikyo ass", or "Oh no you di'n't !"
That dumb bitch has some kind of welfare pride tryin' to stare me down from the stoop of that welfare castle (i.e. trailer home) screamin' "BACK THE FUCK UP NIGGA !"
by CritterGetter September 26, 2007
A government subsidized home. More than likely in a roach motel or low rent trailer park.
When Fair Housing gots Leroy his welfare castle ova ta Swamp Road Trailah Park he swell righ'up wiff welfare pride.
by CritterGetter September 26, 2007
Slang or pet name for a Snufaluffagus.
A consumer of nasally ingested recreational drugs.

also see Snufaluffagus
Check snuffy snortin' up Chucky's stash.

Those lines never stood a chance under snuffy's inhalation powers.
by CritterGetter August 24, 2007
This is an action designed to get a bartenders attention in a crowded bar if you are not particularly good looking or well endowed. This action is accomplished by holding your empty glass to your forehead. The action is sometimes accompanied by shouting "BEER FLAG !" and is quite effective.
WOW ! You pulled that bartender right away from that hotty when you flew that beer flag.

Watch my beer flag get us refills moi ponto.
by CritterGetter March 21, 2008

1.(noun) :Another word for semen such as cum, spunk or snot shot.

2.(noun) :Any unknown sticky semi-gelatinous substance.
1.Ole Slick Willy should have never left that spodum on Monica's dress !

2. Holy shit girl ! What's that spodum on your chin ?!?
by CritterGetter September 09, 2007
When one Afro-American urbanite moves to the 'burbs and within 20 minutes you have 15 white kids emulating gangsta values.
Shit ! Those silly white boys went gangsta so fast when Jerome moved into the neighborhood it had to be wiggeroni.
by CritterGetter September 08, 2007
A crack addict that scratches and picks for rocks that aren't there. All while cocking their head back and forth, stretching and retracting their neck. All in the fashion of a chicken looking for a tasty bit to eat, they look for another hit after their stash has been all smoked up.
1st person: There goes Henry searching for those lost rocks again.
2nd person: Yeah, he's become a real crack chicken!
by CritterGetter October 13, 2007

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