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smells like fall and laundry. a girl with rosey cheeks and the brightest teeth you'll ever see. is openly a hermit, and loves being alone. most likely an only child. probably has a pet, most likely a cat. does not believe in middle grounds. she either loves someone, or hates someone. although most people love her because it's hard not to. she is secretly a party girl and when she cuts loose she can be the life of the party. can dress. articulate. hardly ever cries but when she does she REALLY cries. goes to bed late, and sleeps late. every boy secretly wants a danielle. but then he gives her rules and she breaks free. she's like a bird. probably won't settle down until her 30's, until she finds another bird. really wants to believe in god but can't
I don't really get her.

Yeah but she doesn't really get herself either.

That's why she's a Danielle.
by cristopher cringle September 01, 2010
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