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Describes a woman with prominent breasts, combined with wearing a low cut top and push up bra which indicates that she is trying really hard to show off her breasts to everyone within 100 feet. Comment usually made by a male to other male friends, but can also be yelled out so everyone in the city can hear.
1. Jesse and Joey are walking down a crowded NYC street on a Saturday night. 19 year old girl with huge rack approaches with her ugly boyfriend.
Joey (while staring at 19yo's chest): "TITTIES BLAZING!!!"
Joey and Jesse high five without missing a step, while ugly boyfriend hates his life.

2. Timbo (to Robbo): "Hey man, this is my friend Cindy, she is my girlfriend's 21yo sister".
Robbo (to Cindy, who has a huge rack and is showing it off): "Titties Blazing!!"
by crazynut November 26, 2011

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