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1 definition by crazyhippywhowantstobuyamarijuanaplantbutcan'taffordit

Broad term for someone who listens to rock music, attends gigs, wears band t-hirts etc. There are numerous sub-divisions- emo, metal, punk, goth and many more. Rockers are not necessarily any of the above. Listening to rock music and wearing appropriate attire is enough to make you a rocker. Rockers generally favour dark, distinctive clothing (usually with a favourite band's name on the t-shirt, but not always) and slightly heavy eyeliner. This means that all rockers are sometimes confused with goths, not just the gothic ones.
"I'm a <b>rocker</b>"
"Me too! Who do you listen to?"
"My Chemical Romance mostly"
"Emo crap! Marilyn Manson rocks so hard!"
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