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the unannounced art of shaking one's finely toned ass!

came into being in the town of san antonio texas where they held rum shaking competitions for money! the grand prize reaching $1,000 for the best rum shaker!

depending on how you rum shake it can be either used as an insult or as a compliment.

a few popular rum shakers such as manny and bryan have put the art of rum shaking on the map and it has become an extreme sport!
"damn, that bitch can rum shake!"

"you can rum shake for all i care!"

"you African rum shaker!"
by crazygirl21 August 28, 2008
referred to as the turbo-charged coupe car that was first imported from germany in the early 80's.
newer version resemble to chrysler sebring, but do not confuse the two!
seamonkey owners have sent many complaints about their cars being confused with the chrysler model and request that manufactors change the body build or to stop making the seamonkeys.
chrysler took these complaints to heart and in 2005 the last sebring coupe was distributed to the public.
"damn that seamonkey is fast!"

"you wanna race my seamonkey?!"

"that is a luxurios seamonkey that you have there!"
by crazygirl21 August 28, 2008

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