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A genetic condition whereby Asian men's penises are smaller than those of men from other regions of the world. This is inclusive of all the Asian nations. The term is an Asian phonetic translation of "little dick". When the poor bastard is not circumcised the term used is "Riddle Rick Riding Hood".

Riddle Rick is closely associated with the phrase "In Japan men come first and women come second. Or sometimes not at all!". Often times women cannot achieve orgasm because of the lack of stimulation from the shriveled up member.
Ding Dong Ho: "Ahhh me sucky sucky five dollar."

Dung Quack Doe: "You mussa use a straw I suffa from riddle rick."

Ding Dong Ho: "I give you discount becau' me feel bad fo you."
by crazyashellnigger August 19, 2010

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