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A name that no one really knows how to pronounce. is it (car-y), (carry)? No one really care though. cuz everyone really hates her. Shes a boy-friend stealing bitch. If she steals your man, she better watch the fuck out because no one knows how to piss people off like she does. Shes a dirty little home-wrecking bitch who is in complete denial about her bitchiness & whorish ways. She tries to make you feel guilty about your actions then shes tries to make you feel like shit. But it never works because everyone knows shes just an ugly slut and needs to push people down to feel good about her self.
Jerk face: did you see kari shes so hot?!
Amazing guy: shs a whore dude! stop being a pussy!

Ex-gf: WTF!?

Kari: Oh yea... We are together...
The whole world: Kari you dirty whore!!!
by crazyamazingperson January 03, 2012

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