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The refined art of manipulating the Vortex Effect, to your advantage, by slowly putting pressure on the lever,without completing the flush,when excessive amount of excrement are present and in need of disposal.
Boy!,I'm sure tired of this damn toliet overflowing. I've really got to work on my flush managment.
by craig john November 01, 2006
You know, when your wiping "down there" and know matter how many times you wipe it comes up just like the first wipe, shity.
Toilet paper companys love it when Bob's smear factor is HIGH, he goes through a hole roll sometimes.
by craig john December 04, 2006
A Mormon girl with severe camal toe who hangs out in front of the Howard Johnsons across from the "TEMPLE'.
The missionaries had their hands full with all those ho jo mo yo smugglers, so its goodbye Mr. BLUEBALLS tonight for the boys. Good for them.
by craig john November 09, 2006
A Mormon girl from central Utah whose eyes have spread out, over many years of incest,a perfect example EVOLUTION.
As a young boy, I recall the trips to Salt Lake City and trolling for hammerheads on State Street.
by craig john November 10, 2006

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