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port jervis...
small town by the river in new york; the tri-state area!
has negatives like some dirtbags, sluts, bitches, and assholes! & some people are so ignorant! maaaad people do drugs in port! we do seem to be cursed with death, we've had about 10 teenage deaths in port....sad. also, the high school sucks!

it does have its positives, though! rafting down the river in the summer, port java, the hawks nest, point peter, hess', being by the river, smart students, nice scenery! pretty much everyone knows everyone...it is kind of just a small town! people in port like to just party, chill, hang out and have a good time!
jake: yoo what's good?
tommy: nothingg, chillin' in port jervis about to take a blunt ride up 42!
jake: word? can i come?!
tommy: k, i'll pick you up! where are you?
by crackerjack! April 04, 2011

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