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anime, great in jap w/swearing and blood ('xept high pitch male voices!) but crap once edited by gay tv fag assholes
by cracker jack April 26, 2003
name of geeky computer nerdz gang
by cracker jack April 26, 2003
one who "schnitzes" weiners... seee also meadows
Dude...stop schnitzing my weiner! you're such a meadows!
by Cracker Jack May 22, 2003
see: see police
police: see cop
cop: see police
by cracker jack April 26, 2003
When you are doing a girl up the butt and she farts so that her butthole moves around or vibrates when your penis is still in it so that it stimulates it and forces you to ejaculate all over the place.
My girlfriend gave me an ATOMIC WARHEAD when we were fucking the other day.
by Cracker Jack January 17, 2005
item for nerdz to use ;)
by cracker jack April 26, 2003
"to pull a nomble"
Doing a misstake or annoy people to the extreme.
he just did a nomble, bastard
by Cracker Jack July 05, 2003

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