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People of asian ethnicity who have been exposed to western culture, the idea that twinkies are being rejected by white people is wrong. Another word for twinkie is banana, which is the asian way of calling a twinkie. Some of us are not culturally applicable to be whitewashed, however, Asians see us as foriegners, we fit in everywhere, just don't seem to belong anywhere. White culture is not totally in sync with us, some of our lifestyle is not agreeable to Asian. Because we don't eat as much rice as a normal Asian makes us an alien.
1) Asian Housemate #1: Whats that shit you eating? What the hell is that yellow gunk on your macoroni.

Me: it's fish pie, its my dinner, I grew up eating that. That cheese sauce... something I still like.

Asian Housemate #2: EEWWW! THATS GROSS! TWINKIE!

2) Asian #1: What shall we have for dinner?

Me: I want a full roast dinner.

Other Asian: that shit stinks. hey twinkie, your asian lets go to a chinese restaurant.

FYI all of this is happened to me.
by crabbyazn1911 March 28, 2011

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