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Typically willowy long and leggy; adorned with perfect fruit. Born into a small boondock, and graduates to a larger whistle-stop. Dreams of NYC; Looks as though she should. Likely listens to Style Council’s Café Bleu. Spends quiet nights with the Dr.. Capricious and wayward. Likes to drink and has a cute languid wink. Can touch the sky, without the heels. Usually in something black. Fain to manifest a British accent. Tattooed. Can play gay. Definitely Bi and cooler than you. Probably reads Nylon, and the Style section of the New York Times. Feasibly would like to live off someone else’s money. Dyes hair frequently. Presumptively sleeps with everyone, initiating halfwits to talk about it at great volume in crowded watering holes. Day dreaming consists of choosing outfits for the next show (aka, any night out). Vagina clips! Don’t know, don’t ask, flawlessly naughty. Large lower lip that curls exquisitely over. The perfect snack for any American boy or girl.
Liv Tyler wishes!
I would certainly like to enlist in a little mollie commission with that alluring woman.

bewitching, pulchritudinous, symmetrical, sublime, haut monde

by crème de la crème March 09, 2007

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