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1 definition by cowboytroythetexashit

so if your from a dif state and your wondering why people seem to think texas is so much better,

its because we texans have pride in our shit, we dont just live whereever, this is our home, we always plan to move back to texas if we leave so we can have kids here

we have a way cooler history than other states, we even have texas history as a class in school,

texas is huge, nuff said, it also has a cool shape but whatever....

were not all cowboys but we all have at least 1 as a freind and you dont have to be a hick to have horses or land,

another bonus, texas isnt freaking cold, unlike gay omaha or whatever the most clothing we wear at any point in the year in houston is a hoodie and jeans,

we are home to some of the best universities in the country for dif. subjects like Sam Houston st. for criminal law or A&M or UT or all the other ones, also, texas is in the south, the place where people like to say everyone is inbred, well that all starts to the north and east of us starting in Okla.,

if you have ever been around the country you will notice there are WAY more beautiful women here and theyre actually tan and not all pale whities,

we have some of the best food here, BBQ and mexican, these can never be recreated the same anywhere outside of texas(well maybe mexico)

oh ya texas is the only state that became a state by treaty, so if we wanted to we could suceed and become our own country

so maybe now you know how we texans think
i am proud to be from TEXAS
by cowboytroythetexashit August 03, 2009