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verb. To write down song lyrics by listening to the song.
I spent hour last night trying to lyrik the first three lines of <insert song here>.

I lyriked a few songs last night.
by Coslaxo October 15, 2007
When two or more people have an argument where most (or all) of their knowledge is really Wikipedia quotes.
Person 1:Pick a planet
Person 2:Ceres
Person 1:Is not a planet, its a dwarf planet.
Person 2:Still a planet.
Person 1:<Insert quote here>
Person 3:Wow, you guys are smart.
Person 4:No they're not, its just a wiki war.
by Coslaxo November 22, 2007
Holy What the FUCK!?

One above wtf
1: Hey, did you know that when I eat cake I throw up?
2: HWTF!?
by coslaxo September 02, 2007

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