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1.To be headed in the Western direction of any Southern Hemisphere such as New Orleans to Hoston, Houston to Cali, Atlanta to New Orleans,etc...
2.To leave any area in a expeditious or speedy manner.
"Where are you dogg? I on my way to Houston headed 90 gone west."

"When that boy saw all those thugs coming, he was out of the building faster than 90 gone west."
by cory tee July 10, 2006
a playground for kids who just happen to make it to college. supposedly a college.
"Man I went to suno for 8 years for my bachelor's degree."
by cory tee May 04, 2005
rapper who is from new york also known as d-block. Is cureently in a rap fued with 50 cent and gunit. ill rapper.
"why is Jada kiss as hard as it gets, why is the rap game designed to keep the artist in debt."
by cory tee May 02, 2005
Lead me to my current stae of insanity.
"Please help me doctor,i am not well. Have youbeendrinking,...no,smoking...no,COBOL...yes thats it!!!!"
by cory tee May 04, 2005
dirty ass N.Y. rapper. Born in Phillidelphia. Signed with the ROC. On trial for attempted murder. Is quite good.
"Man that dude B. Seigal is hott!!!!!!!!!!!"
by cory tee May 04, 2005
1.The love child of a po-boy. 2.Usually served with fries and a coke.
"A man bought me a big mac today for no reason."
by cory tee May 05, 2005
a fake ass dude. a dude who tries to be hard but is not.
"Man don't mess with that dude, he's a lame."
by cory tee May 02, 2005
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