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2 definitions by conservitives are such stiffs

people who cut taxes and try to help big buissness grow and beileve that people should take care of their own problems and not look for the goverment to help them.since the 1960's though Republicans have become more racesist and have lost their values of being civil to others.before the 60's the Ideal republican was a Herbert Hoover or an Abe lincoln.Today the Ideal Republican is Ronald Reagan or a George Bush.Although republicans are responsibel for all the Rescions(except 1) and one Depression they have won the majority of their elections since they are funded by more rich powerfull corperations.
Famous Republican and what they have done.
1.Abe lincoln-freed slaves and helped the south win the war.
2.Theodore Roosevelt-the most hardcore president ever he punched a congress men lead a calvary charge up suan jan hill and had stick fights on the whitehouse lawn or his back yard he also orderd a Secret Service agent to fight him.T.R got a black high but promoted the 6.5 secret service man.He also built the panama canal,and made the U.S the most powerfull country.Unlike other republicans he beileved in looking after peoples welfare
2.Herbert Hoover-lead us to our only depresion but he did set up ww1 charitys with his own money and didnt except his pay check for president(he gave it to charity.He was also a succesfull buisnessman.
3.Richard Nixon-lead the country into a Recsion and got kicked out of office.Open china somewhat
4.Ronald Reagan-lead the country into a rescions and spent alot of money on Military programs that dont work and still dont work.He also started alot of mini-war type skirmishes that were unnesary.He also told the country in a speach that he freed jews at a concentration camp even though he had never fought in WW2.Reagan was a Democrat early in his political career and was a union member.Durring his second term his admistration got caught up in the Iran-Contra but got away.
5.george bush-an unsucesful buisman and former national gaurd and horrible texas govenor he became president after clinton.He lead the country into a Resion right after Clinto lead us to a Surplus.He also sent troops to Afghanstan where we kicked the Tailbans ass but let Osma get away.(sortive like Hitlers Dunkirk).He also kicked Saddams ass when we sent troops to Iraq but lied to The U.N and the U.S about weapons of mass destrucion.
by conservitives are such stiffs March 09, 2005
political party who beileves in raiseing taxes on the rich to help fund welfare programs ment to help the poor and keep the middle class strong.just like Aristole,Thomas Jefferson,Karl Marx,John manard Keynes,and other smart people the believe that a strong middle class makes a strong country.What Democrats are most famous for though is that they worship the human spirit and believe that everyone is equal and fight for civil rights.Even though the Democrats philosphy is better then the Republicans they often loose elections since they arent funded by big buisness or rich people as much.When a Democrat does become president though it has always been a surplus and a step forward in civil rights except jimy carter.The Ideal Democrat these days resembles an F.D.R or a more moderet democrat former president bill clinton.
a school gets funded in a poor neighberhood makeing it good enough to be teaching those students who want to go to college things that they need to learn to go to college. If that school is not funded those people remain in that poor comunity.THINK OF IT HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A GOOD PUBLIC SCHOOL THAT DOESENT GET ALOT OF GOVERMENT FUNDS DO WELL,AND DOES A BAD PUBLIC SCHOOL EVER HAVE A HIGH STUDENT SUCCESS RATE AFTER THE STUDENT HAS LEFT? the answer to that is no just look at texas,newyork,flordia,philly,ect who get poorly funded.
and the Democrats get 90% of the black(democrats arent racist like republicans,not all republicans are raceist but there is negative history their since the 60,s.
by conservitives are such stiffs March 09, 2005