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being a pussy and scared to do anything that will put them in another state of mind. i.e : drugs, sex, alcohal, cigs........the list goes on......
straight edge kid: man put that yay away i dont want to be around it
druggy:man stfu straight edge bitch whos to scared to do anything, man fuck off
#pussy #fag #lmfao #douche bag #bag of douche
by compton ass sean June 05, 2007
a strain of week that existed in the 70's but is no longer around. most is just purps but people are really fucking dumb
"man i got some dank purple haze today"
"dude your a fucking idiot purple haze is no longer in existance"
"thats what my dealer called it though"

#purps #haze #purple #weed #buds
by compton ass sean March 17, 2008
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