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Stalin became general secretary of the Soviet Communist Party in 1922 and following the death of Vladimir Lenin, he prevailed over(haha chased out and hunted) Leon Trotsky(a ture communist that would have made the world a betterplace, but since Stalin was a power hungry hitler-face this did not happen) in a power struggle during the 1920s. In the 1930s Stalin initiated the Great Purge, which reached its peak in 1937. Since many peasants resisted collectivization, the government under Stalin's leadership often resorted to violent repression against the "kulaks".
average student: "dude! Hitler was the most ruthless man ever!"

communist youth: "correction you ignorant prick, josef stalin killed more people than Hitler ever came close to!"
by commune- face April 06, 2006
organized government mob strike against jews first started in Russia with Nicholas II
"Nicholas II first started the anti-sematist movement by become racict agains jews and sending out secret police to perform a pogrom"
by commune- face April 06, 2006
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