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1 definition by colonelt

Sixth game to be released in the Call of Duty series. Set to be released November 10, 2009. Most likely will be the most kick ass game of the holiday season. Battlefield 2 and Halo fags will probably think this game will suck due to reasons such as "easyness", bad graphics, and think that the weapons have no recoil. In reality these kids played modern warfare or world at war only once and got owned in it so now think that the whole series sucks.

Note: Battlefield 2 and the Halo series are not bad games. Respect all the series and games I mention in this definition or I will find you and kick your ass.
Expert gamer - I can not wait for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to come out.

Noob gamer - I can't wait for Battlefield 3 to come out, COD 6 will suck. You wanna play MOH: Airborn Assault while we wait?

Expert gamer - Why will it suck?

Noob gamer - cause Halo rules.

Expert gamer - Halo is a respectable game, just not as good as Call of Duty.

Noob gamer - no man what you talkin 'bout. when you aim in cod it automatically aims for you and you die same amount of times if you are good. graphics suck too.

Expert gamer - Alright, this is pointless. How about we do something other than video games. Go out and get some friends.

Noob gamer - cod still sucks

by colonelt April 10, 2009
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