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a wiley nba veteran you can always count on for a quiet 8 points.
theres antonio daniels with another fuckin quiet 8.
by collin lenton April 11, 2008
when an nba players number one goal on offense is to get to the free throw line, however lame it may be they dont realize that they are ruining the fun of watching basketball, but the darndest thing is they end up scoring 20 points a game and going to all-star games, like paul pierce, tayshaun prince, dirk nowitzki, josh howard.
"i cant believe they allow paul pierce to score his lame 21 every game, im gonna go drop some lumber"
by collin lenton January 25, 2009
a gaseous dispense of flatulatory substance from the male reproductave organ.
Carl passed out on the couch way early so to teach him a lesson i pulled my pants down and joobed right in his face.
by Collin Lenton May 21, 2008

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