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13 definitions by colin h. christ

Saying whatever you god-damn wanna say, and expressing your opinions, and not giving a shit if a spineless minority deems it "offensive".
by Colin H. Christ July 10, 2008
The best food in the world!!!
dude 1- What did you have for dinner?
dude 2- Just some potato chips and French fries.
by Colin H. Christ July 21, 2008
Somebody who accuses somebody else of being a Nazi just if they are of German ancestry.
Dude- I'm going to the German folk festival.
Nazi Jew- You are? But why?
Dude- Oh, well I'm part German, plus I love their cultures.
Nazi Jew- Nazi!
by Colin H. Christ July 21, 2008
The massive headache you receive after looking up music artists you really like on Wikipedia, YouTube, etc.
"I'm starting to really like Kingpin Skinny Pimp."
"Yeah, I got a music hangover from looking him up."
by Colin H. Christ August 24, 2008
Just another stupid Democratic tyrant that claims he'll bring change, but never states whether the change is good or bad.
John Kerry is another communist that goes against American ideals, and wipes his ass with the Constitution.
by Colin H. Christ July 10, 2008
The timeframe when you are hit in the balls really hard, but it still takes like ten seconds to feel any major pain.
"He swung the bat right at my nuts, but I didn't feel it for a while."
"That's the Ball Effect for ya."
by Colin H. Christ August 24, 2008
A personal thought of mine that everybody, no matter what race, or ethnicity, starts out equal. It is that individuals' choice, or fault to practice things that make them appear better, or worse in public society, thus making Politically Correctness wrong. For that people say that you should be nice to everybody for they're all equal, but those people they tell you to be nice to might of done something to lose respect that earns them some forms of chastisement.
Be nice to this Black guy.
No, he got arrested for robbing a store, so he doesn't deserve as much respect. Political Social Science, my friend.
by Colin H. Christ July 25, 2008