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newspaper, or any type of publication on newsprint
"so I fire open the fishwrap yesterday, and what do I see....? the Paris Hilton skinflick's for sale.....now on DVD!!"
by ColdOne January 19, 2004
background information on something or someone; basic facts in order to get a take
(probably from "glossary", the part of a book which lists sources of information)
"ok, so here's the gloss on this new and revamped Mets squad....."
by ColdOne November 21, 2004
showing initiative or taking charge over a situation, not hesitating to do what needs to be done
"man you really gotta hand it to the Amigos, it seems they're really stepping up to the plate this season (literally and figuratively!)"
by ColdOne March 27, 2007
A group of people who can not and will not shut the fuck up. Known to speak in weird tongues. K-Line on site.
16:28 <MiniMizer> àæ æä äãéáåø ùê àéúé àéï áòéä
16:28 <Guyp> rofl
16:28 <SabrWolf> ROFL
by ColdOne June 04, 2003
1) billiards (from the number "8" ball that is to be sunk after all the others to win the game).

2) to be "8 balled" is to be in a difficult or impossible situation.
1) wanna go play some 8 ball at o'reilly's?

2) better get a lawyer to read that contract before you sign it, otherwise you could get 8 balled.
by ColdOne June 27, 2004

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