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a place that brings out the most degrading immorall unsavory part of every college student that goes there a place so decadent, drug infested and tall cann trashed with mattresses and stolen bikes lining the sidewalks , where couches are set ablaze early morning on the beach which also happens to be in a weary decay ruined my microwaves and broken refrigarators thrown impulsivley from an ocean side dp balcony in a drunken fit of rage. Girls so slutty that the idea of ever paying money for sex is utterly ridicolous and the chance of gettin an std is 100% 50% with a condom if you could ever find one in the substance induced stupor at 3 in the morning in the the small run down 700 dollar a month flat that you share with your roomate who is luckliy too unconcious to here the sounds of the young floozy being violated in every orifice of her body while you some how try to keep it up despite the the pint of sailor jerry rum that you swilled down with the 8 ball of coke bong tokes and the possible x pill and shot of h, but shell never know if you finish its the thought that counts.... but all in all its my favorite place ive ever lived and my time there has been worth ever seond and ill return before its all over.
"yo i had a heavy drug problem and threw a 8 foot ladder at my now ex gf drunk and shooting speedballs at 4 in the moring on a saturday in isla vista
by cokekingpin of iv December 25, 2008

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