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-What you call Abbys drunk alter-ego. A completely different person than sober Abby. Very flirty. Usually ready to fuck anything and everything. Says whatever she can to get laid and drunk texts anyone she can think of at the time. Basically Abby without a brain or reasoning skills.
-She uses this as an excuse to get out of what she did the night before because she doesn't know how to control her drunk self.
Phil- man abby you were all over that shit last night!
Abby- Ah man I don't like them! Why did you let me get that drunk?
Phil- Hey Im not yo mama take care of your own damn self
Abby- Fuck why didn't I think of that

Will- whoa abby was alll over me last night, I thought she hated me
John- was she drinking?
Will- yeah
John- Oh that was Drunk Abby not Abby.
by cocolove67 November 28, 2010

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