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Also WeeJay, WJ and Wee

The One with coolest mood in the party. She/He Roll (on a regular wild basis) the Joints for @ll the Gals and drive sensationally the mood of the party, caring for All the Pe@ple.

WJ can roll any other's weed -in a moment of inspiration- if required...

Usually carryin' Nice Music (too) in some media and/or device, to share It 'live'...

It can be several WJ's at the same Party as long as they are slighty synchronized to avoid Joint Flood an/or Soundtrack Chaos.
- That Weed-Jockey / WeeJay / WJ / Wee Rules
- That Weed-Jockey/ WeeJay Should take some lessons...
- Shoot That WeeJay /WJ / Wee (normally before passing the Joint to the WJ)
by cocolepsia June 08, 2009

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