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What you say when you see a bangin girl and you nudge your buddy basically to tell him that you'd bang the shit out of her. But not always in the pooper, it's just an expression.
I love going to high school games, so many young girls, see that one, yea I'd stick it in the pooper.
by coby February 23, 2003
Don't take this shit serious, i don't really go around peein' in girls butts (unless they ask) I wouldn't give a girl an Emeril (look it up, funny) I have never laid a "Hot Carl" between some ladies boobies. I love girls and wouldn't do anything to hurt them.
My name is Coby and I really do still respect females!!
by Coby March 10, 2003
The white shit that comes out of ones dick during an erection. (usually into anothers mouth)
After that bitch sucked me off, she got spluge on my shirt cuz she didn't swollow.
by Coby February 19, 2003
Brazil, Indiana. Yea it blows, but we have nothing to do but smoke, drink, and have sex. Aka - Brazzle Dazzle
I'm from the BZ but i don't live in the BZ anymore!! Sick of this shit. (YOUR MY BOY BLUE!!!!! -Old School)
by coby March 02, 2003
To stick the dick in your females ass and let the piss go!
Yo Crawnic, last night I totally Pee'd in her butt. It was tha shit fo shizzle!
by Coby February 18, 2003
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