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Laith... is what makes your life worth living. When you're with him you can indeed call yourself the happiest/luckiest human ever lived. You would want to live so many lives with him as you just can't get enough of his love, amazing care, sense of humor and also, his gifts.
He is hot, wonderful, funny, cute and different in so many ways. He has a special point of view about feet, a weird taste when it comes to chicks and an active imagination!

Most of the time, he can be very right about stuff. He got right prospective and he sees far. But you have to be in close and deep terms with him to be able to see his real core.
Once you get to really know him, you won't be able to stop yourself from liking him. Everyday you'll admire something in him more. You'll be impressed by how much dedication and determination he has, by how he can understand you, by how he can make things happen just like that, by the amount of patience he has, by his respect for the ones he loves, by how strong yet gentle he is, by how he can turn so vicious if someone hurt the ones he cares about and by how he is a true man.
Spending time with him will do you a lot of good, you'll get smarter for sure, for he speaks in a way you won't get unless you're a smart one. You'll be amused by the witty talks. And you'll get happier and happier.
Damn it, you got so much Laith in you.
by cloudlet July 08, 2011
when you're in someplace where there's a pure scientific talk, like a lecture, and the talk has to do with sex or with genital organs, and you have to wear that serious face and be scientific and all that shit! but all you can think of is how naughty the talk is!and you start having so dirty thoughts! and then you look around to see all those people wearing the same serious face, but you know how dirty they have reached in their fantasies! It's weird mind-stimulating situation.
the lecture was about erectile dysfunction, and it was such a sexserious situation!
by cloudlet February 13, 2012

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