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A large, orgy like, activity of incest. Tennessee meat derbies usually occur in southern family reunions.
Now that we dun got that "meet and greet" stuff outta da way, TIME FUR A TENNESSEE MEAT DERBY, YEEHAWWWW! I call dibs on aunt thelma!
#family syle #incest #orgy #gang bang #sex
by cletus and johnny May 17, 2012
An orgy or gang bang. Refering to the large amount of incest in the south.
hey der doug, hows it goin. Me and da boyz wer just wunderin if we could have a hootin good time and take your sister here down FAMILY STYLE.
#incest #orgy #gang bang #southern abortion #tennessee meat derby
by cletus and johnny May 17, 2012
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