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the way in which the Dutch cook their foods by trapping them under the covers and farting on them.
I just cooked up some lutefisk in the dutch oven. want some?
by cldick May 19, 2010
the process by which things are destroyed in the house if they are too weak or poorly designed. for example, if a carpet is destroyed by a vacuum cleaner or a container melts in the microwave. this weeds out the sick and weak household items that do not deserve to survive, allowing the better-constructed items to thrive.
the plate that melted in the dishwasher is just another victim of domestic selection, as it apparently did not deserve to survive.
by cldick April 25, 2010
to berate, belittle, emasculate, or abuse someone either emotionally or physically
1) my wife told me that i need someone like her to give me direction.

2) the neighbor kid left a flaming poo sack on my stoop, so i gave him direction by sitting on his head and sharting.

3) if you want to give direction, then piss on someone and make them eat poop, just don't bug me about it.

4) that butt-sucking loser needed some direction, so i fed him all his idiot sticks and kicked him square in the asshole.
by cldick September 27, 2010
a term used to describe a person, group of people, or country that uses an antiquated system of weights and measures. this system might use measurements like feet, pounds, yards, ounces, stones, leagues, fathoms, cubits, hogs heads, miles, stones throws, gallons, cups, quarts, teaspoons, inches, etc.
the united states is measurementally challenged, as we have still not converted to the metric system. the old system is way retarded.
by cldick April 25, 2010
littering, throwing trash on the ground
i wish that my car were armed with photon torpedoes so that i could answer the litterbuggery of butt suckers with deadly force.
by cldick May 02, 2010
an addictive drug that basically does three things:

1) smells bad

2) hurts people

3) creates litter
how about putting that cigarette in the toilet where it belongs? then you can piss on it like it deserves, and maybe even take a dump! then you can flush that filth down with all the other shit.
by cldick October 22, 2012
like soul searching, but without requiring a belief in ghosts.
i've been doing a lot of self searching, and i found that i am not at all religious.
by cldick November 21, 2009

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