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To fire questions continually in an accusatory manner or to question aggressively and continually. Synonym with "20 questions".
1) Don't you dare marcia clark me!
2) Just marcia clark him when you see him...he'll cough up an admission to cheating on you.
by Clay Rookdoggie November 18, 2004
The smell of Bed and Bath citrus spray after your spray your bathroom immediately following a big dump.
Did you use the citrus spray after you used the restroom? Why yes i sure did and now it smells like shitrus.
by Clay Rookdoggie October 04, 2008
A really really big uber shit.
Where's Julie-Jo?
Oh, she's in the little cowgirls room and has been for an hour! She must be having a helluva gras deaux!
by Clay Rookdoggie November 18, 2004
A gay man that cruises truck stops and goes from truck to truck to score a quick trucker trick.
Trucker: "Man, I hope there are some lot lizards out cruising when I pull in. I am boned up and need some attention."
by clay rookdoggie November 19, 2004

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