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what a black guy uses to cut down a tree.
gimme that ask, i'm gonna pull a george washington
by clay bertrand February 15, 2005
One who possesses an instrument of penetration -- either organic or synthetic / metallic -- and proceeds to enter an anal orifice (N.B.: typically male to male, but male to female occassionally takes place; and, female to male / female possible with strap-on dildo or other device of sodomization) for purposes of self or mutual pleasure which, in effect, compresses or pushes in any fecal matter (i.e. "having your shit pushed in").

Conventional edible fudge can resemble feces and "packing" said fudge would require a confined space and a tool of insertion with which to vigorously and quickly reduce volume of liquid / semi-liquid such that the fudge is compressed into a container. As well, pressure may be equilibriated by means of retro-active movement into spaces beyond.
Well, yee-haw, young whipper-snapper that is about the finest job of fudge packing that I ever did see!

When gangstas be chillin', dey be thinkin' about the fudge packing that they surely perpetrated while incarcerated.

To gay boy: 'Hey Fudge Packer !!'
To homophobic redneck: 'You get hard when yous be watchin' Deliverance!'
by Clay Bertrand April 10, 2005
the amount of time it takes between a tourist arriving in new york city and the moment he is brutally beaten and mugged.
larry was excited to see the statue of liberty, but in a new york minute his dumb wisconsin ass was in the ER.
by Clay Bertrand December 11, 2003
feces. shit.
some pigeon layed a jobber on my windshield.
by Clay Bertrand December 11, 2003
a socialist; a socialist political platform.
Dennis Kucinich is a proud progressive, (hence his single digit polling numbers).
by Clay Bertrand January 25, 2004

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