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A "classy" person who usually wears tracksuit bottoms, baseball/burberry caps and loads of gold (chunky chains and also sovs - sovereign rings). In Birmingham they are known as kevs/shaz. Men tend to have short/shaved hair (optional bum fluff). Women wear a gelled sticky-out fringe and kiss curls. Lovely. Massive golden earings are often spotted too.
The attitude is definitely "i take no shit". Their favourite music ranges across r'n'b, garage and cheap drum'n'bass. Those creatures spend their day hanging around street corners, amusement arcades and local chip shops, often holding cans of Tennents Super, whilst they give out fashion tips to any other person who does not resemble their own look. They also tend to be attracted by Fun fairs like moths to a flame. Scallies overwhelmingly produce kids by the age of 15/16 and the single-mum rate amongst them can reach an alarming 95% peak. Older scallies/kevs might also sport a love/hate tattoo on their knuckles.
Holiday places: Blackpool, Ibiza, Tenerife, Faliraki.
"What the fook r u looking at?"
"You're staring at me pint and you spilt me bird..." (drunken scally/kev).
"Look at those kevs hanging around the mobile phone shop"
by claude from Birmingham October 15, 2003
Greek seaside village formerly renowned for its peaceful shores and relaxing habitat. From the 90s onwards it has been literally swamped by hordes of British tourists. Particularly popular amongst kevs, scallies, charves and all that lot. Package tickets to Faliraki are very cheap, so an average kev only has to refrain from buying his weekly sovereign ring in order to afford it.
Often those characters are singing the praises of it on the basis that "there's no fooking foreigners in Faliraki". Pub-crawling, molesting, street-vomiting, punch-ups and sky tv filming blow jobs in the street are regular features of Faliraki.
The holidaying crowd to Flairaki is shameful for the UK
by claude from birmingham October 20, 2003

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