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When the door knob falls off because its lifespan was extended to the maximum. Therefore resembling the female whore species. Commonly known as skank with crappy make up jobs who sit on the street to suck penis for money and a life long job. Too bad she has herpes; and the female just doesnt get any worse. (has mileage). Oh yeah, and the extended warranty expired.
-Ew that fag is hanging out with a bunch of extended warranties. Don't they belong in that trash, bro?
-No, bro they live in the trashbikini bottom with spongebob whore pants.

-Ew bro you dont wanna wife her!
-why not?
-because man! that bitch has mileage like a beat up car. shes a smut nasty hoe
by classy bitch 69 January 13, 2012

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