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BEST DEFINITION!: Eastchester is the smallest town in the world where it seems that there is nothing to do except hang out in borders, a book store and because the IQ is so low you'd be happy if they figured out that it was a book store (God forbid they BUY a book (gasp i died of shock)), then go to starbucks where the rich kids are able to afford to pay 3 dollars everytime they want to pretend to be cool and drink coffee, then head down to dunkin doughnuts or a gas station just to be harassed by the police who just want to get into dunkin doughnuts and then hang out and smoke, drink, do weed and pretend to be cool while those who can't drive have to call thier mommies to come and pick them up. Real cool. Now lets discuss the groups in eastchester. First all of them are guidos so they all fit into that. Then you have the troubled "punk" kids who are all i hate the wrold, school ispointless, im in my own band, god EMO music sucks this town in so gay...etc. when in reality they aren't punk. Then you have the skaters (also punk... defintion above applies to them but...) skaters have nothing better to do then wear black clothing and go around skating anywhere they can find just to realize they can't actually skate. You have the rich popular girls who have so much money they can afford to bring a new purse to school everyday and dress in skirts so far up thier ass that your not shocked when you hear about them sleeping around. Don't forget the pants so low they can't even sit down without something showing. All fo the rick kids will come day get their parents BMW's and drive them everywhere but SUCK at driving and end up crashing into something. Then you have the guys who aren't "punk or rock" but who think they're black and getto. They go aroung shouting Gunit and cursing so much that you realize it IS POSSIBLE to add fuckin and friggin onto every word in a sentence (if they can make a whole sentence)They wear clothes too big, have to check to make sure thier balls are still ther every five minutes by grabbing them while walking like a penguin because thier pants are to big to stay on if they walked normally. Don't forget the obnoxious cell phones, mostly nextel hanging out of everyone's pockets while the netire world gets to hear your conversation on them. There are the few poeple who might succeed but forever be tormented by thier time spent here, but most will end up staying in this messed up town thier whole lives.
do i really need to put an example, anyone outside of eastchester already gets the picture and everyone inside of eastchester are to stoned or drunk to understand the example
by class of 2008) July 28, 2005

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