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9 definitions by cjwright79

The most useful way to divide the body of music created by man, is into Dire Straits, and non-Dire Straits.

Once you've learned to appreciate the subtely and refinement of Knopfler and company, every other artist pales in comparsion.

Eric Clapton has admitted an inferiority complex because of Knopfler's majestic guitar stylings.

Dire Straits: will there ever be a better band?
"Dire Straits is the only band that plays like an organic whole" -- Bob Dylan.
by cjwright79 June 27, 2005
A little less than sex, a little more than nothing.
Julia and Charles had a sad fuck together over the long weekend. They both cried before, during, and after the act -- but only in their insides!
by cjwright79 August 06, 2006
leetspeak for: sex (verb)
I need to sexx0rz that hot chick with the webcam.
by cjwright79 August 06, 2006
Not really something that a person chooses -- its just the best option available while you're waiting to become a sexually-viable human being.
Abstinence is dictated by circumstance, not choice. We all want to get laid, daily, when it comes down to it.
by cjwright79 August 25, 2008
A cute alternative to saying 'Baldur's Gate', a 1999 role-playing game on the PC.
You gonna be playing Bald Man's Gay all night, Timmy?
by cjwright79 April 02, 2009
Any Halo 3 match.
The guys just kept respawning... heading over to the control point... killing the guy there, getting killed by the guy right behind them. It was a total clusterfuck.
by cjwright79 January 04, 2009
A big dick, a creamy vagina -- megasex.
Chris and Courtney had severe megasex last night.
by cjwright79 August 06, 2006