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Scene has become a huge epidemic.
Scene girls usually can be seen wearing the following:
Skinny leg jeans
Sesami Street Things
Nike Dunks
Band Shirts
Vintage Rags Shirts
Fluro Quote tops, e.g Drop Beats Not Bombs
Strange Elastic Headbands across forehead
Short mullet style layers
Either very short hair or fake extremely short extensions

Boys Scenes:
Studded Belts
Skinny leg jeans
Band Shirts
Vintage Rags Shirts
Convers/Vans/Nike Dunks
TehUsedRockeh - OMGADZ look at wat i gotz today!!!11one. A sesame street bagzor ndz deez sik ass nike dunks nigface!

-BlEeDiToUt- - woahz dat ish cool luv 2 stayz nd talk but i gotsta go shoppen 4 nu scene clothes. KBAIZ!
by chummet November 07, 2007

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