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a descriptive sentance to describe the effects of alcohol on a number of holsworthys finest youths on a nite out in town, this usually includes - vomiting, devine winds, dog humping and of corse floor licking.
rodger was so floor lickingly fucked he feltched his own cum from his dogs ass this was most benificial to him as he missed dinner that evening. man what a ham hanger !!
by chuck winfrey ( bbfl crew) July 24, 2006
a crew of mentally warped teenagers that use explicit methods to get drunk and piss in the street. on a night out they will usually insert their genital parts in to random objects such as drains. on one night out rich daz and eth hitch hiked to launceston and camped out in the car park on a small area of grass.
man, that group of bad boys for life really fucked up the school that nite. hump dinger bumble poo ass.
by chuck winfrey ( bbfl crew) July 24, 2006

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