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Paul's is a convenience store across the road from holy trinity catholic high school in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. originally owned by a Chinese man who sold it to a brown man and is known for selling smokes to kids and selling bongs,pipes,vapes,bowl pieces basically anything. the store owner got the nickname "muhammed". he was reffered to as chate. the store is also known well because all the stoners and "gangstas" hang out there and sell weed and other drugs.
and all the preppy kids were scared to go in fear of being robbed.
me:yo are you reaching paul's at lunch?

josh: yea bro il be there hopefull that chate fuck muhammed has smokes.

me: yo can you chop a piece?
dave: yea reach paul's at lunch/
by chronmonguan May 05, 2011

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