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1. attempting to complete a task that you are unprepared for and you just rush rite into it

2. attempting to do something on a whim or ad lib
I have an hour to make 100 cupcakes for school and I have none of the ingredients. Looks like "we'll do it live"

you wake up in the morning realizing you have a history test that you haven't studied for. looks like we'll do it live

person 1: dude what do you want to do today
person 2: yo I don't know we'll do it live
person 1: thats straight I'm down for anything

by christopher Troy June 12, 2008
to slang means to sell or the act of selling/hustling narcotics
yo where are we going to slang this rock, before the 5-0 catches on
by Christopher Troy January 22, 2008
1. a phrase which means to "just do it" like the Nike phrase

2. when you are driving with your boys and see a hot girl, you all yell out the car at her the phrase "Green For Cunt"
person 1: hey man pass me the remote
person 2: nah man it's right there. you get it
person 1: ah fuck dude green for cunt!
person 2: oh ok fine. here's your fucking remote

you are riding along with your boys and you see a pretty girl walking around on the sidewalk or in the car next to yours, you would yell "Green for Cunt" and then speed away
by christopher Troy June 11, 2008

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