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1. Originates from a south park episode when the people from the future come and takes everyone's job.

2. A saying that you tell your friends and family when a douche bag steals your job that you deserve.
guy 1: I hope I get this job that i am really good at.

guy 2: I got the Job!!!

guy 1's friend: Theytookurjob!!!

(They-took-your-job) say it fast and all together.
by Christopher eckelstien February 06, 2010
A nasty person who resembles french toast... usually has the following attributes: greasy hair-syrup, bad smelling-burnt eggs, baby powder in hair to try to cover up the grease-powdered sugar. May also be a mysterious whore-nobody knows where it came from and is everywhere.
Man: Hey did you see that Kaitlyn smith chick?

Woman: Yeah she's a real french toast.

Man: Hey, your right!
by christopher Eckelstien January 30, 2010
1.Using the word at the end of a sentence or randomly to make yourself sound cool or funny.

2.Using the word around the wrong people and getting bitched at for using it.
1.Man: Ass!

Other People: ha ha that was funny.

2.Man: okay so how was your day? Ass!

Woman: It was okay, but was that necessary? Just because you say that doesn't make you cool.
by Christopher eckelstien February 06, 2010
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