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10 definitions by chrisdamainman

When a man gets a blow job (oral) from some girl with a brace on and the metal rips through his man hood.
Quite a nasty thing.
This girl gave me a blow job last night, but she gave me a fucking hench red belend cos she's got a brace on.
It kills man. Dont ever take a blow job from a girl with a brace.
by Chrisdamainman September 06, 2005
15 11
When you loose your glasses or contact lenses down a girls pussy while you give her head.
I had loose glass and it fell right down into her hole.
I need therapy now because all i could see was double.
by Chrisdamainman September 06, 2005
6 5
When you turn into a boffin, and proper geeky and annoyin.
Homie 1: I cant do this shit man, rubme richard now.
Homie 2: Fuck off you belend, u wna b a fuckin geek jus to be clever.
by Chrisdamainman September 06, 2005
5 7