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1 definition by chris wise

McCrevice or McCrevist: Person who frequently stinks up work areas with foul stench of burnt tuna. Enjoys ACC basketball with favorite players ranging from Bobby Hurley to Cherokee Parks. Most carriers he talks to think he is a woman which Mr. McCrevice finds "annoying". Favorite catch phrase "Your Fired!" (like thats not played out.)
"Yes is Mrs. Phil in please" This is Him, "Him? dont most females go by she" Well actually I am a guy. "huh, I never made the connection".

Hey have you guys seen those retro Christian Laetner jerseys, those are off the hook, I can't buy one yet though cuz I promised Michelle a hypo-allergenic puppy and I'm still spending all my money on raffle tickets to win a life time supply of Chicken of the sea, Gosh this is so annoying.
by chris wise April 16, 2004