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the unscathed part of a tire on a sport bike (motorcycle). when you lean over in a turn, the tires get scuffed up. if you part of your tires are clean, then it means your too much of a chicken to lean over in turns. also see pussy strip
I still have chicken strips becuase my tires are brand new and i havn't ridden much this week.
by chr|s sedition June 01, 2005
a traditional form of Japanese Karate that has it's origins on Okinowa.
I started training in Shotokan 10 years ago.
by chr|s sedition May 21, 2005
Billiards is a game played on a table with no pockets. In korea, the tables are often 4 feet long and the game is played with 4 balls. Across Europe the standard table is 5x10 and is played with 3 balls. Various games can be played on these tables and all are point games. a point is usually scored by making your cue ball bounce off one ball and then contacting another ball on the table. there may restrictions about which ball needs to be hit, or how many rails must alos be hit, or the oder in which any of these happen. The most common game played today is called 3-Cushion billiards. to score a point in 3 cushion you must make your cue ball contact the other two balls on the table. However, before the cue ball comes in contact with the second of the two balls, it must hit (in any order), the other ball and at *least* three rails. it is a very hard game, as such American's have little patients for it. it is played through out Europe, Scandinavia, and Asia. it should also be noted that "pool" is not "billiards", however people often misuse the term 'billiards" to mean "pool".
I learned to play billiards when I was 10 years old, but still can't make more than 3 points in a row.
by chr|s sedition June 01, 2005
the unmarked section of a tire on a sportbike. tires get scuffed-up when you lean into a turn. a big pussy-strip means that someone is too scared to lean into turns, and thus dosn't really know how to ride their bike. very common for a squid riding a gixxer.
Q: Why is that all gixxers have huge pussy strips?

A: becuase only squids by gixxers.
by chr|s sedition June 01, 2005
short for "Kawisaki" (motorcycles).
Q: didn't you get a 2005 Kawisaki ZX-10?

A: yeah, my Kawi kicks-ass.
by chr|s sedition June 01, 2005
a shot in 3-Cushion Billiards which follows this order: rail, ball, rail, ball. The sounds it mmakes from striking botch balls is sounds to sounds like "ticky". These shots can be among the easiest shots to make in an otherwise very hard game.
I was going to play this an around the table shot, until i realised there was a really easy way to shoot it as a ticky.
by chr|s sedition June 01, 2005
Someone who is into, collects, or has a fetish for sports gear , sport uniforms, protective gear, etc (scuba gear, SWAT, football uniforms, motorcross gear, hockey pads, lacrosse, soccer, fighter pilot, etc).
Q: "have you ever seen how much sports equipment Jason has in his closet?"
A: "yeah, i know, he is such a gearhead"
by chr|s sedition September 08, 2005
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