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(read to self in the voice of danny devito. )

30 min after pounding off and your jizz coma sticks the lips of your cock together, you try to rock a piss, but your dicklips wont open so your bellend swells and expands with piss to the point of a massive explosion from the dicklips of your meat hammer known only as a cumjackulation.(cumjackulate)
this morning i pounded off then went to school and tried to rock a piss, but my big black dicklips exploded in a cumjackulation all over the urinal, leaving piss and strings of pisscum everywhere. fuck janitors. AND nigger cooks! i just said fuckit, and cranked out a gnarly chud in the tard urinal.(cumjackulate)
by chompy the bird with teeth January 18, 2013

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