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(yah-ō'-ē fahn-gûrl vī-rəs)
NOUN: A highly infectious, medically undetectable virus quickly becoming a pandemic amongst female anime fans. When fully fledged, the virus causes the infected to have an unhealthy, annoying infatuation with yaoi slash pairings. Common symptoms are interest in yaoi fanart, urges to write fanfics, wearing of cat ears, and glomping tendencies. It is spread either verbally or by means of the internet. It has even been known to cause death by compelling the infected to either glomp someone until their bones crack or annoy somebody to the point of suicidal intents. It is extremely important to defend yourself and your friends from the infection and influences of the virus by avoiding diseased persons at all costs and possibly wearing earplugs/masks should you ever be in the presence of a yaoi fangirl. Mental status may be altered, however, and psychological help should be sought out after contact. Those of us who are already anime fangirls are prone to catching the disease. There is no known cure.
Girl: Maya's obsession with SasuNaru is getting out of hand. She's going nuts!

Friend: I think we should avoid her so we don't catch her Yaoi Fangirl Virus.
by choklit chipp kookeez September 26, 2009

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