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Some weakass bitch that can't ball.
he's soup manup - he shouldn't be playing at college park, we need to send his ass to east vallejo little league to play
by Chocolate Thunder February 17, 2004
A file extension only a moron would believe is real...
Was it a '.gif'?

no, it was a '/gif'

oh! I've heard of that!
by Chocolate Thunder November 11, 2004
cutty: (n) someone disobeying authority by executing mischievous and playful actions; typically enhanced by the descriptor 'young, young'; origin: Vallejo, Spring 1980, modified from Cutty-sark sign near Country Club Crest and Highway 37
Billy hit a home run to the swamp and pimpslapped Snoop and Boo when he rounded third. He's my young, young cutty.
by Chocolate Thunder February 17, 2004
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