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2 definitions by choad wax

1. n. Synonym for semen or any liquid substance that can create a baby.

2. v. To babysauce is to ejaculate in excess quantities, with no regard to the biological or humanitarian consequences.
After two hours of rampaging love, Room 233 was drenched in babysauce.

He babysauced his slacks, such that they could never be repaired.

by choad wax December 25, 2008
1) Any of many fluids secreted by the human body, and which accumulate on surfaces which should be kept clean of such residues. Often requires prefixes to clarify origin (e.g. "handsauce" or "rumpsauce")

2) Any fluid that leaves a grimy residue.
Man, there's earsauce all over your cell phone!

Which one of you choads splattered facesauce all over the bathroom mirror?

by choad wax December 25, 2008