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A person who spends all his time trying to come up with words to post on Urban Dictionary.
"Hi so-and-so, why don't you stand up and say a few words about yourself. Remember, you're among friends."

"Hello, my name is so-and-so, and I'm an Urbandictionerd."

Group: "Hi so-and-so."
#urbandictionary whore #loser #nerd #dork #turd ferguson #captain jorts
by chizhogg April 14, 2010
Anything involving people and gayness in its purest form.
"Our school's play is the epitome of Man vs. Gay."
#man #gay #nerd #fag #loser #bear grylls
by chizhogg April 14, 2010
The correct nickname for guys who think it's okay to wear jorts. Highly derogatory, because obviously, if you wear jorts, you've already given up on the possibility of ever getting laid.
"That kid over there is such a fag"
"Who, Captain Jorts?"

"Alex will probably never know the ways of a woman."
"Look who's talking, Captain Jorts."
#virgin #pooner #jorts #nerdboy #man vs. gay
by chizhogg April 14, 2010
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